2005 BMW 330i

BMW 330i
BMW 330i - IMG_5687_297bf76a781132b2579e97abc25db6db
BMW 330i - IMG_5686_b7df2471cc2fc37dce4cf5f1ad02b860
BMW 330i - IMG_5689_8dafcc01489d16d968d0ab6dd5cf1b1b
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BMW 330i - IMG_5665_d7b7650daabebf33e19f2e46df06818f
BMW 330i - IMG_5666_2974edda17fab89282661b8476182c7f
BMW 330i - IMG_5667_bcb50d3f4db773b19ef42008887c4e3e
BMW 330i - IMG_5668_16bb94b105e3461eb7b83bfc067143c7
BMW 330i - IMG_5669_d1083d9cfdf64f230fba9b40f835ca5c
BMW 330i - IMG_5671_b6d5f32686819f302782192cd4cadf99
BMW 330i - IMG_5672_a03d134396973a98ae55843e2c7f9635
BMW 330i - IMG_5673_9648ac6a4d56e1969c0cb53babe3bca0
BMW 330i - IMG_5675_13348a34eeec2c35e8eff00e75f7de6f
BMW 330i - IMG_5676_2f79d5dc0879ac8fa033a4c445d64c2d
BMW 330i - IMG_5677_5376550acd3d58669d93611340c9cdcb
BMW 330i - IMG_5679_b1416208443050b1ebc605d56e39f12f
BMW 330i - IMG_5681_9f88a4b31e0a7cd7a3b8521d479fa97f
BMW 330i - IMG_5683_cb66c1d078a75a10832e0a7ed0606f94
Price: $ 9,995

BMW 330i in Grey, Sunroof and Leather seats

This model is highly spec'd having the sunroof and leather seats and BMW navigation/entertainment system.

This is a perfect corporate vehicle and ideal for those long trips away with the family over the weekend.

Overall its in pretty tidy condition, which just a few skuff marks on the rear bumper and a few marks on the wheels, however this doesn't change the performance of the vehicle.

Come and view the car and take it for a test drive you will be pleasantly impressed.

This is strong and safe German engineering at its best so be sure that you or the passengers that travel in this car will be in safe hands.

Priced to clear so grab your self a bargain.

Trademe Lisiting: http://www.trademe.co.nz/1359100273


  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Kilometres: 137,808km
  • 4WD: No
  • Cylinders: 6 cylinder
  • Fuel Type: Petrol

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